The understanding of a century; a understanding that is already dead

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White House comparison confidant Jared Kushner attends a cupboard assembly during a White House in Washington, U.S., Jul 18, 2018. REUTERS/Leah Millis


The United States is posterior unwashed skeleton for Palestine and a sovereignty. Accordingly, a devise for a understanding of a century, drafted by Jared Kushner, son-in-law of Donald Trump, a boss of a United States, will be denounced in late open or early summer. There is not most information trickle out of a century understanding plan, though a singular information also indicates that Palestinian rights have been totally abandoned and have let a occupiers to crackdown and electrocute some-more freely.

If we wish to demeanour during a new Trump’s behaviors in a Palestinian box and a support for a occupiers, we will certainly find that there is something wrong. When Trump sat on energy seat, few suspicion that he would commend al-Quds as a collateral of a Zionist occupation, discordant to a will of a universe community.

Following, Trump expulsed a tellurian rights organizations from US domain and interlude appropriation for these organizations, he followed his ultimate idea in a news silence.

After that, Trump went to a Arabs; he had to use a mercantile and domestic capacities among them, and in sold a UAE and Saudi Arabia, while normalizing a family between them and Israel in sequence to put a Palestinian republic during a top vigour to accept a plan.

Trump not usually wanted not to be a aim of probable protests of deception of a plan, though also rejects to spend income on a implementation, and forced a Arabs to tighten publicly to a Israeli regime.

The final shot, however, is indeed a assigned Golan that was dismissed by a Donald Trump in a heart of a Arabs. With a approval of a Golan as partial of a Israeli territory, Trump concludes a feat of Netanyahu in a Israeli choosing and, on a other hand, has implemented a preparations for a “the Deal of a Century”.

Donald Trump’s action, is not detached from identifying al-Quds as a collateral of a Zionist regime, and a send of a Washington embassy from Tel Aviv to al-Quds.

In fact, Donald Trump’s actions were during a vital turn directed during building a Zionist regime and unwell to commend a dual Palestinian and Jewish governments and finale adult with a two-state solution, and a US’s importance on a fact that Washington has always adhered to Israel’s security.

On a other hand, a approval of a government of Israel over a Golan Heights by Washington emphasizes that a United States can legitimize a function of a Golan Heights by Israel and, consequently, legitimize a lands of Palestine, for example, a lands of a West Bank, and, of course, these try is aiming an finish to a Palestine case, and box of Palestine or a Golan Heights will no longer be regarded as assigned territories.

Donald Trump abandoned a fact that a Golan Heights were assigned and so could unilaterally lift out a same movement on Palestinian land and announce that a lands of Palestine are not occupied. Therefore, there is a approach attribute between a century understanding and a marker of a government of Israel over a Golan Heights, and this understanding of a century seeks to contend that there is no problem named Palestine.

Many American and Arab experts trust that, even with all US activities in a region, this devise will destroy like other prior US programs as a Arab countries, and in sold a Palestinian people, will not be peaceful to accept a far-reaching operation of due points in a understanding of a century for a occupying Israeli regime.

In addition, as suggested by some sources, a US skeleton to spend on unfamiliar resources from Saudi Arabia and a UAE to deposit in Arab countries, and this conjecture has increasingly soars a luck of a disaster of a understanding of a century.

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