The claims of servants of Holy Shrines, a categorical means of fight and distrust in a region

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After it was anticipating that efforts to domestic solve of a Libyan predicament in a general arena, and generally in a domestic arena, would have resulted, a remarkable proclamation by a commander of a Libyan National Army, Gen.

Khalifa Haftar, who is one of a many critical players in a country’s domestic arena, to start a supposed liberalization operation of a collateral has put domestic analysts in low shock.

Libya is a nation full of oil reserves, that has not had a fortitude and confidence after 8 years given a fall of a former tyrant Muammar al-Gaddafi’s regime. It seems that a involvement of other Arab countries, such as Saudi Arabia and a UAE, is really effective in this counsel insecurity.

The dispute in Libya strong suddenly, while Khalifa Hatter and Fayez al-Seraj, dual of a country’s many critical politicians, squeezing any other’s palm in front of cameras in a UAE, dogmatic that a Libyan predicament is in a final stages. The dual sides concluded final Feb to reason inhabitant elections in Libya and finish a stream predicament in a country.

A few days before a Arab summit, Gen. Khalifa Haftar, commander of a Libyan National Army, was summoned to Riyadh to revisit Saudi aristocrat Salman bin Abdulaziz; a outing which, according to some sensitive sources, was done during a ask of US officials.

Mohammed bin Salman a climax aristocrat of Saudi Arabia also visited Haftar with a participation of a conduct of a country’s comprehension group and gave him a immature light for his new journey in Libya.

A day before a Arab summit, Haftar spoke in Benghazi and announced that in a entrance weeks an integrated state will be shaped in Libya.

But after 5 days, army dependent to Haftar announced they were prepared to pierce to western Libya and Tripoli, a collateral of a country, and seeks to overpower a legitimate supervision of Libya, while a participation of millions of Algerians in opposite Abdelaziz bouteflika a country’s boss and his abandonment of energy done Riyadh and Abu Dhabi again feel impressed by a send of this renouned annoy and attempts to change a system.

The investigate of Libyan developments and Haftar’s position toward articulate with a antithesis shows that during this and usually in reduction than a few days a bizarre warn has taken place in Libya.

It seems that a assembly of a King of Saudi Arabia with Haftar in a arise of a renouned protests in Algeria and Saudi and Emirate concerns about a protests are not separate to these dual countries, though these support are a starting indicate for Saudi-Emirates division in a affairs of a countries and a overpower of governments.

With a uprisings and developments in a Middle East that remade a complement of energy and interactions among a informal players, Saudi Arabia’s informal strategies also developed as a nation saw a position opposite Iran and enervated a resistance, generally as a sourroundings was full of intensity and active threats and it became a problem that challenged a inner and informal security.

With a conflict of a predicament and a enlargement in Syria given Jan 2011, Saudi Arabia was one of a categorical supporters of a delay of a predicament and assisting a Syrian opposition, and to this day, some-more than ever, ancillary a Syrian opposition’s financial, media, and weapons. With a widespread of distrust they are perplexing to boost a Syrian predicament by highlighting general courtesy from a inner crises to Syria, thereby shortening a range of courtesy of a problems of Riyadh.

The Saudi supervision believed that a fall of a Assad supervision would change a geopolitics of a Middle East formed on their will and a arrangement of new informal alliances and categories formed on a interests of Saudi Arabia, which, if realized, would be kept Saudi Arabia divided from a predestine of other Arab strict governments.

On a other hand, Saudi Arabia has launched a heartless conflict on people, women and children by claiming support from a Yemeni government. Yemen’s inner predicament is one of a oldest, many formidable and energetic domestic crises in a Middle East, secure in racial and genealogical differences in a past.

But with a troops involvement of Saudi Arabia on a stratagem of returning a quiescent and refugee Yemeni president, a predicament entered a new phase. Saudi Arabia simulated to start a fight opposite Yemen, returning Mansur Hadi to energy in Sanaa, who fled after his abdication to Riyadh. But a law was over Mansur Hadi; this was a segment conditions and position of a Yemen that led Saudi Arabia to meddle in Yemen.

By a night of genocide of Malek Abdullah, Houthis and Ansarullah were a special guest of a Saudi government, and they were negotiating a period and destiny standing of Yemen. What happened with a genocide of a aristocrat that Saudi Arabia has altered a negotiation, proof and discourse to war, advance and aggression.

The disagreements between Saudi leaders are such that there are vital disagreements between Nayef and bin Salman in a context of belligerent and atmosphere strikes, and American army have been concerned in arbitrating and handling these differences.

There is no doubt that a informal standing of Saudi Arabia, generally among Arab countries, has declined given a Islamic Awakening and a fall of a compulsory regimes of a segment and a widespread of domestic disturbance in a country, and a Saudi peremptory regime is now experiencing a really frail confidence situation. In a benefaction situation, Saudi Arabia is perplexing to rehabilitate a informal discontinued purpose by interfering in a inner affairs of other countries.



Mustafa Mazeh

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