Kim, a personality of all Koreans

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Kim Jong-un consolidates his energy so North Korea comes from a new president. Choe Ryong has been named authority of a North Korean Supreme General Assembly, state media pronounced Friday.

One of a many poignant domestic developments in new years during a tallness of North Korean energy has indeed occurred. The North Korea Supreme Assembly and a designated boss during a initial post-election meeting.

Kim Jong was inaugurated authority of a Public Affairs Committee of a Workers Party. It has also perceived an additional pretension from a Legislative Assembly of a country. The new pretension is “the autarchic deputy of all Koreans”, that was reserved to him by special direct in February, though that has only been suggested this Friday.

Korean media now refers to Kim as “the autarchic deputy of all Koreans”.

Choe Ryong has been named boss of a president, replacing a boss Kim Yong-nam, Associated Press.

According to reports on products constructed by other media, member of a Supreme General Assembly also discussed a 2018 bill and authorized a 2019 budget.

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