Humanitarian actions, subordinate to American antagonistic policies

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The new inundate in Iran, that began on Mar 19th in 3 provinces of Golestan, Mazandaran and North Khorasan, widespread via a country, including Shiraz, Lorestan and Khuzestan, and a Islamic Republic of Iran faced a crisis, though from a really initial days of this, a US government, on a one hand, was restraint a accounts of Red Crescent, a charitable organization, and on a other hand, with a mercantile sanctions imposed on Iran, forestall municipal assist to Iran.

United Nations Office for a Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), that is responsible, as partial of a UN Secretariat, for bringing together charitable actors for an integrated respond to emergencies, in a matter announced a willingness to send assist to Iran, though a hurdles acted by a United States’ uneven protest have tarnished a UN burden and responsibility.

Meanwhile, US officials have regularly claimed that charitable apparatus are not theme to sanctions opposite Iran, though countries and general institutions are faced bank transaction hurdles or fears of violations of a regulations of US Treasury.

Iran’s Foreign Minister, on Twitter, called for “economic terrorism” and wrote that US sanctions prevented Iran from carrying entrance to much-needed equipment, including assist service Helicopters.

And afterwards Pompeo announced his country’s willingness to assistance Iran and indicted a Iranian supervision of maladministration in civic formulation in propinquity to new flooding and repairs and preparedness for service services and attempted to trick open opinion.

Immediately Zarif took a mount on a Twitter page and called a willingness of a United States to assistance a inundate victims of Iran by a Red Cross and a Red Crescent, as a feign news and announced a genuine news: “According to a conduct of a International Committee of a Red Cross, a Iranian Red Crescent Society can't get any appropriation due to US bootleg sanctions.”

Zarif also criticized a European countries and said: “One year after a US bootleg withdrawal of JCPOA, Europe has not shown any will to plea US mercantile terrorism.”

The European countries, a European Union, and a United States, until dual weeks after a inundate predicament in Iran, simply announced their willingness to assistance Iran, though did not take any movement in this regard, and some voiced regrets over Twitter. Following a greeting of a authorities of a Ministry of Foreign Affairs of a Islamic Republic of Iran, a Americans were lured open opinion so that a claims of a Islamic Republic demeanour like a lie. The EU also donated € ۱٫۲ million to assistance a Islamic Republic.

The European Union has announced that charitable assist to inundate will communicate by a financial channel of a general assist agencies and general tellurian rights organizations that are mostly benefaction in there. Donations are not conveying by governments. We will present this income to a World Federation of Red Crescent Societies. This classification is not theme to US sanctions, that includes no sanctions. The send will be finished naturally.

Indeed, as a Foreign Minister of a Islamic Republic has said, a European Union has no will. Despite a fact that a kinship has regularly emphasized a significance of refuge of JCPOA after a depart of America, in practice, their policies have been in line with a United States while, according to a European Union, it should continue to buy 500,000 barrels of Iranian wanton per day, namely $ 25 million a day ($ 5 million is a France contribution), though after a withdrawal of a United States, a deception of Trump’s new mercantile sanctions opposite a Islamic Republic of Iran and vigour on oil buyers of a Islamic Republic (China, India, a European Union, Japan and South Korea) and general banking institutions, it have attempted to control a many critical source of income of a Islamic Republic.


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