Euphrates-East: Russian aviation avenges conflict on Resistance forces

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Russian warrior planes strike Daesh’s hideouts during Deir ez-Zor, responding to an conflict 3 days ago opposite a Syrian army and a Resistance allies. For several weeks now a Americans have continued to send weapons and ammunition to Deir ez-Zor, a approach to rearrange themselves for a entrance battles.

The US bottom during a-Tanf, where a Americans contend they wish to contend 200 special forces, is piloting a operations of a takfirist auxiliaries of a US military. The Syrian army and Resistance fighters have surrounded this bottom for weeks and are watchful for a sequence of a armed hierarchy to go on a offensive. Russia is not absent from this operation.

Fighter planes from a Russian aerospace army launched, on Apr 12, several atmosphere raids on a Daesh militant group’s hangouts around a city of Huribishah, in a west of Deir ez-Zor.

The airstrikes are a response to a new conflict by a US-led cells of a militant organisation Daesh that stormed a positions of a Syrian National Defense Forces (NDF). The internal Euphrates Post website reported that 4 fighters of this force had been killed in this attack.

Last month, a FND launched a raking operation around Huribishah and a city of Kobajjep. Both cities are located on a vital highway joining downtown Deir ez-Zor to a ancestral city of Palmyra, in a eastern panorama of Homs. In new days, Daesh terrorists have conducted a shell opposite a procession belonging to these army by abduction several troops.

Despite a success of a operation, Daesh cells continue to lift out attacks opposite these dual cities. Local observers trust that these attacks have been launched given a final citadel of a militant organisation in Syria, a dried of Homs.

The immeasurable desert, that stretches from a west of Deir ez-Zor to a easterly of Homs, is home to hundreds of Daechists.

There are new indications that a Syrian army is scheming for a final operation to acquit initial Idlib and afterwards a easterly of a Euphrates.

According to educational researcher Ahmed Khadour, after a ransom of southern Syria from Homs and a suburbs of Damascus, a army strong a army around Idlib, north of Hama, in a western suburbs of Aleppo and north of Latakia.

In 2018, Damascus announced that in a subsequent stage, a army will acquit initial Idlib, afterwards easterly of a Euphrates, that is to contend a areas tranquil by a Kurds of a Syrian Democratic Forces ( SDS) upheld by a United States and a Western allies. Syrian army units have been deployed around Idlib, north of Hama and north-east of Latakia to confine a areas underneath militant control. The idea of a subsequent army operation will be to destroy a Hayat organisation Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Front al-Nusra).

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