Arab countries and a Western Islamophobia machine!

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Perhaps Mohammed bin Salman never suspicion that one day his talk with a Guardian about what he called “Saudi lapse to assuage politics” would be used currently with several analyzes on a graduation of Islamophobia.


But a fact is that a genuine climax king of Saudi Arabia valid to everybody with his talk that a base of Islamophobia is not flourishing in a West though in West Asia in Saudi Arabia and among a Saudi people who cruise themselves as a core of a Islamic world.

It is really formidable for some to trust this, though one contingency trust that Saudi Arabia has pushed Western politicians to foster Islamophobia by compelling assault that has zero to do with a Islamic world.

From a day Saudi Arabia stepped in a trail with a support of a Twin Towers invaders in a United States, a word of apprehension and a routine of Islamophobia grew in a West, causing an impassioned opinion in these countries to widespread a assault opposite Muslims who have no error in Saudi putrescent operation. It was after that a United States remained in Iraq and Afghanistan with a sign of a quarrel opposite terrorism after aggressive on these countries, to increasingly trade with a word of Islamophobia.

But then, with a conflict of a Syrian fight and 24 hours armed and mercantile assist to ISIL and al-Qaeda terrorists by countries like a UAE, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, a Islamophobia novel in a West had a new color.

ISIL, regulating a many informative and media comforts supposing by Saudi and Emirate rulers, openly decapitated people in Syria and constructed cinema and films of this heartless method, and distributed massively in a world.

The promotion was not destined by a West though by approach support from Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia and a United Arab Emirates, and, of course, a surreptitious support of a United States and Israel in a region, so that a universe would stay divided from Islam with a “intellectual occupation” of absolute Western media day by day. Of course, this announcement has never been means to exterminate a expansion of Islam in Western countries, generally Britain and a European Union.

After a Syria fight and a army’s feat over a ISIL terrorists, a United States and Israel were meditative of a send of terrorists. The terrorists that their trainings and apparatus were paid by Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates should now be means to move distrust in those countries to yield adequate fuel to run a poor appurtenance of Islamophobia.

ISIS members have now foster some-more nazi meditative by relocating to a European continent and carried out militant operations to in a immature continent, in sequence to move some-more and some-more a hardship of Islam to a universe of “pro right people” in a world.

The routine of Islamophobia in a world, notwithstanding all a wrong of Saudi Arabia and a United Arab Emirates, has failed, though has done these countries some-more loathed in a minds of a public.

In a end, it can be resolved that a trade of terrorism in Saudi Arabia after a trade of oil is a second largest trade activity in this country. Saudi Arabia is one of a largest supporters and promoters of militant beliefs in a world. With accurate demeanour during a activities of a nation in a domestic and unfamiliar arena, we will find out that especially informal and tellurian terrorists have Saudi origin, or are influenced by a Wahhabi tendencies in Saudi Arabia, or that they are sponsored and fed by financial and weapons resources by a country.

The support of a Saudi regime of a militant organizations in a region, in further to implementing a plan of a United States and Zionists and European countries in a region, On a other hand, by propagating a claims of Saudi Arabia on being a mom of a Islamic world, a Western promotion appurtenance used this unpurified balance and Put a judgment of terrorism alongside Islam and use this balance for anti-Islamism in European and Western countries.

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